Bosu Ball Core Blast

Another ab workout post is here! My classic core workout doesn’t involve any materials, but this one is for mixing up the ab routine game. I love doing this bosu ball workout after some cardio, so I can really feel my core burn. Sometimes I even do my 12 minute ab workout after this for […]

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DIY SoulCycle Workout

One of my favorite cardio workouts involves intervals. The small blasts of high intensity followed by rest make me work (and sweat) hard while keeping the workout interesting. To make things fun, I use songs as my intervals. The routine is really effective and goes by in a flash. However, unlike cardio classes, this workout […]

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Why I Work Out

I love working out! Sure, sometimes, in the depths of elliptical hell, my heart feels it is actually trying to escape my chest cavity, but we’ve all been there. However, I have gotten used to the cardio cons, like sweating and pain from lactic acid. Actually, those negatives have just become other pros. I love […]

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12 Minute Ab Sequence with a License to Kill

core workout

I definitely believe that working out should be primarily for staying healthy, gaining strength, and feeling good. That being said, flat abs never hurt anybody. In fact, they can only help. After much experimenting, crunching, and Pinterest research, I have devised a sequence that works all parts of the core. In addition, because why not, […]

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6 Spring Motivation Tips

spring motivation

It is officially spring!!! This particular winter has felt eternal, and I am ecstatic it is finally ending. The sun has been eeking out its final rays much later in the evening, and there have been some actual blue-sky days in Seattle (intermittently interrupted by rain and clouds of course). Because winter was so dreary, […]

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Kate Spade Workout Wear

I have loved Kate Spade for a very long time. The bows, witty idioms, and beautiful quality have me hooked. Now the brand is making it’s own workout clothes, and I am ecstatic. They are so cute! I especially like the polka dots.

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