Snow Day Take II

snow day part two

My impromptu snow vacation was somehow extended an extra day. My family had to take full advantage. After a relaxed morning, we headed straight for the slopes. If you have never tried mid-week skiing, I recommend adding the activity to your bucket list. I have never skied on a Tuesday before, and it was one […]

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Snow Day

Snow day

Monday was absolutely magical. When I woke up, the world was fast asleep, and everything was resting under inches and inches of fluffy white powder.   My little brothers crept upstairs, and we all couldn’t wait to experience the snowy outdoors. However, we were chilly and starving, so after bundling up as best we could, […]

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Volunteer Park Cafe

I am very passionate about cafes. My friends know me as the girl who haunts Starbucks, and I am always ready for a latte. This love began in preschool. After a long day of coloring, recess, and nap time, my dad or mom would pick me up and take me to Volunteer Park Cafe, a […]

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