Is Confidence Really Possible?

Confidence. Everyone wants it (although flaunting too much of it can be gauche). Men claim it’s sexier than lingerie or an hourglass figure. The search for it is ubiquitous, and the phrase “confidence is everything” has its spot in every magazine issue.
I have had my issues with confidence and all of its elusiveness. Why can’t we always feel great, at the top of our game? Why do we sometimes see a happy, together, beautiful person in the mirror, when other times we just encounter someone full of flaws, riddled with disappointment? I think the feeling of incompetence pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves, but too much self doubt sucks. I find I have to remind myself that how I feel is not who I am. I always think I’m unprepared for big exams, but who doesn’t? Sometimes I feel weak at the gym, when days ago I felt like Wonder Woman. These feelings are just that. Feelings. They aren’t reality, so why should they dictate my mood or my decisions? I empower you, as well as myself, to remember all that you are and not just your weaknesses. We are all complex, multifaceted creatures called humans, and we can do anything.

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