About Zoe Rebecca

How it Started

Hi! My name is Zoe. I am an 18 year old student who loves to write. A lot. I write poems for friends and stories in notebooks. I wanted to write more, and use the expansive and wonderful English language to tell a story. Every day. That is why I stared this blog!

On this platform I combine all of my favorite things, with the hopes of making someone smile.

Zoe Rebecca is for anyone looking for a recipe, some mood-boosting tips, or great sushi restaurant. I love exercise, baking, style, travel, organization, and helping others, and all of those categories find their place on my blog.

Fun Facts About Zoe Rebecca

#1 My favorite food is sushi. “You have a problem,” and “You are crazy,” are often said in reference to my sushi-eating behavior.

#2 One of my greatest joys in life is giving other people gifts. I’m terrible at wrapping, but I love picking out a present.

#3 I have been known to write poetry for fun.

#4 I actually love rainy, gray days. My favorite forecast is “Drizzling and 45.”

#5 I have seen The Princess Bride about 15 times.

#6 Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but not because of the food.

#7 I rode a camel and I liked it.