DIY SoulCycle Workout

One of my favorite cardio workouts involves intervals. The small blasts of high intensity followed by rest make me work (and sweat) hard while keeping the workout interesting. To make things fun, I use songs as my intervals. The routine is really effective and goes by in a flash. However, unlike cardio classes, this workout is free and you can pick your playlist and machine. Don’t like to spin? The treadmill, stair climber, or elliptical work really well!

Here is how I do it:

I make a playlist of songs I know will get me going that lasts about 45 minutes. These songs can be the latest radio hits or a throwback jam from High School Musical. It’s whatever works.

I set my machine to a medium resistance and then work at a high tempo every other song. One song I work hard, the next song I slow down.

Your favorite tunes will distract you and make the workout a mini dance party. The dispersed rest will keep you going. To make things even better, the “on” intervals, where you are going hard, elevate your heart rate for the whole routine and long after, furthering the burn. What more could you want in a workout?

*Tip: If you start to fade mid-song, bring down the resistance or go a bit slower during the verses – you can always pick it back up at the chorus

If you add a warmup and cool down at the ends of your playlist, you will have done hard cardio for almost an hour! I love pairing a great interval workout with one of my core workouts (I really feel the strength exercises when intense cardio came before).

Take this routine at your own pace. That is the whole point of self motivation: you know how you feel and are in charge of your body! Leave a comment and let me know if this routine made you sweat!

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