Why I Work Out

I love working out! Sure, sometimes, in the depths of elliptical hell, my heart feels it is actually trying to escape my chest cavity, but we’ve all been there. However, I have gotten used to the cardio cons, like sweating and pain from lactic acid. Actually, those negatives have just become other pros. I love to sweat and I’m proud!

I did take a brief pause from my gym affinity in junior year of high school, when schoolwork had me too stressed to spend ample time at the gym.

Once I got back into working out, it felt just as great and I loved seeing my old muscles and strength return. However, regular exercise is not like riding a bike, not even a stationary one. It takes a lot of motivation to get in the game again.

I am writing this post because I know that a lot of people want to either get more fit for summer or get back into shape after a gym hiatus, like I did. Here are three things I have found discovered about fitness that will hopefully motivate you!

Working out means…

It is easier to love myself

I think self love is arguably the most important lesson we learn in life. I think everyone, of all shapes, ethnicities, sexualities, etc. should love themselves. Personally, I found self love much more of a struggle until I got back into my workouts. Instead of focusing on my fickle mirror reflection or elusive and ever changing personality traits, I could turn to the simple things, like my improving physical strength. Once I felt more capable and aware that I was taking care of my body and health, it was so much easier to smile, congratulate myself, and be happy in my own skin.

I have something to look forward to

Working out is one of the only things in my life that will cheer me up without fail. Other happiness outlets can be hit or miss, and provide varying results, depending on the situation. Exercise is not like this. I can always count on a clearer mind, renewed perspective, and a happier mood after a workout. Therefore, exercise is a solace for me, and I know I can always fall back on it.

I get time for myself

The easiest excuse I gave myself to go to the gym was this: I could have about an hour of complete me time. When else can you be alone to your thoughts, your playlist, or your favorite Netflix show. Gym time is your time.

*If being alone sucks to you, exercise is also a way to bond with a friend. I promise, someone you know is either already fit and wanting a buddy or looking for some motivation too. You can be either!


I hope my thoughts on workout benefits were helpful ones! It’s true, the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s become a bit of a second home and I couldn’t be happier!

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