Facing Fears, Defeating Stress

Mental paralysis. Everyone feels stuck sometimes, frozen by fear. Unfortunately, the blockades we create can only be torn down by ourselves. In my case, the second I classify something as important, it scares me and I can’t address it. I was terrified of signing up for my first college classes, because I felt my schedule had to be perfect. The pressure was on, because this time around the only person responsible for an awful start was me.

But I had to enroll in classes. College is first and foremost about education, right? So I knocked down the stress blocking my mind. One by one, like removing the stones making up a wall, I refuted my reasons for worry. I told myself I would find great teachers, there would be classes that piqued my interest, and no matter what I would enjoy my first ever quarter of college.

Just like that I unfroze, my mental paralysis gone for the moment. I simply had to reason away the worry, and most importantly face my fear head on. Now I am signed up for great classes and couldn’t be more excited. No problem 🙂

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