Five Tips for Feeling Fabulous

As I have gotten older, I have become more acquainted with myself and my needs. I have recognized what is important to feel like myself. The five things below are essential for my mental wellbeing. If you have been feeling off lately, think about making your own happiness list (and maybe include some of my essentials) and sticking to it. Enjoy!

This is my number one. Without my healthy diet, I truly feel gross, unhappy, and just wrong. I can’t explain it, but I have been this way for years. Whenever I travel I actually tend to lose a bit of weight, no matter where I go, because my diet has been altered and I feel confused and uprooted. I eat A LOT of plants, nut butters, hummus, and fish every week, and drink massive amounts of water. I don’t do this to lose weight, this is just what makes me feel like myself.
As I said in my summer motivation post, exercising and going to the gym make me really happy. I pretty much go to the gym every day because it is such an easy way for me to feel confident, productive, and happy!
Surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to a good day. Of course, this is not always easy to control. You can’t just avoid your mean teacher or boss. However, if the friends you spend time with regularly are genuine and bring out the best you, those other people won’t matter as much.
Busy Schedule
I don’t like to feel lazy and unproductive. I keep a journal and make a to do list every single day. I feel so much more on top of things when I do this! If my schedule seems sparse, I fill it!
Self Care
I like to be busy, but I also need me time everyday. This can be an hour at the gym, a chapter of my current book, or a walk through the neighborhood. If I have a smidge of self care every day, I’m a happy camper.

These are my five happy day essentials! No, I’m not blissfully exuberant every single day, but on those off days, I can check this list, and usually one of them is off and causing my distress!

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