Seattle Cafe Review: Moore Coffee Shop

I am an enthusiastic coffee consumer. This is good, because I live in a coffee hub, if not THE coffee hub: Seattle. I am on a mission to discover the best lattes, food, and overall atmospheres Seattle cafes have to offer. The first stop on my voyage was Moore Coffee Shop. It did not disappoint.

The place was pretty full. It was clear everyone inside was a local, simply enjoying a latte in their favorite spot.

First of all, Moore is the cutest place ever. The decor was eclectic and vintage, and everything felt cozy and quaint.

The menu is superb. There are many sweet and savory waffle options, as well as homemade sandwiches. Everything sounded, looked, and smelled delicious. The pastries were beautiful, and I think they were staring at me.

My latte (right) was soy, and the foam was still that amazing! My friends and I had a debate about what creature my latte art depicted. Bear or gorilla?

The star of Moore Coffee Shop is obviously the coffee itself, and oh my goodness was I impressed. The specialty drinks all sounded so incredible, many of them with Spanish influences. I’d love to go back for a Mexican mocha.

I ordered a plain old 12 ounce soy latte for my first Moore experience. I expected to receive minimal foam and get a “soy” taste from my drink. I was very wrong! The foam art was just as adorable and impressive (see above) as my friend’s, which was made with regular milk. The latte also somehow tasted like the barista had used dairy milk and did NOT need any sugar. It was potentially the best latte I’ve ever ordered, definitely the best soy latte I’ve had, and by far the most instagrammable item I’ve received at a cafe.

If you are in or near Seattle, go to Moore. You will be happy you did. Onto the next coffee adventure!

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