Fashionably Saving the World

I love clothing! I frequently go shopping with friends, and a new dress or pair of jeans always puts a smile on my face. However, the environment is incredibly important to me as well, and the clothing industry can produce a lot of waste. I have recently been asking myself why I don’t purchase more […]

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San Diego Itinerary

Today was a FULL day in San Diego. Every activity blended into the next, and my hours were filled with exercise, caffeine, family time, and by the end, a lot of fatigue. Pacific Beach is such a unique oasis for me, because all my family and I do are spend time outdoors, at cafes, or […]

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12 Minute Ab Sequence with a License to Kill

core workout

I definitely believe that working out should be primarily for staying healthy, gaining strength, and feeling good. That being said, flat abs never hurt anybody. In fact, they can only help. After much experimenting, crunching, and Pinterest research, I have devised a sequence that works all parts of the core. In addition, because why not, […]

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Be Nice to Yourself!

Love yourself

Think about last week right now: how was it? Stressful? Busy? Boring? This past month has been crazy for me, characterized by sleepless nights and anxious mornings. Coming out of such a hectic time, I realized in a rather abrupt way how much the madness had taken a toll on me. Deep inside, I didn’t […]

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Stress Less & Smile More


There is a lot going on right now, especially for students. Spring break and admissions season have collided, and stress is high. It is easy right now to feel inadequate, and low levels of confidence never aid academic worries. I have gone through the stress cycle many times already, and I seem to have the […]

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6 Spring Motivation Tips

spring motivation

It is officially spring!!! This particular winter has felt eternal, and I am ecstatic it is finally ending. The sun has been eeking out its final rays much later in the evening, and there have been some actual blue-sky days in Seattle (intermittently interrupted by rain and clouds of course). Because winter was so dreary, […]

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Best Banana Mini Muffins

Banana Muffin Recipe

Let’s face it, some days require baked goods. Maybe all days require baked goods, and that is the secret to happiness. I’m not sure. Regardless, pastries are fantastic and I often want them in my kitchen. Enter the banana muffins! Tiny, cute, and delicious, these mini muffins are healthy and small but yummy enough to […]

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