Volunteer Park Cafe

I am very passionate about cafes. My friends know me as the girl who haunts Starbucks, and I am always ready for a latte. This love began in preschool. After a long day of coloring, recess, and nap time, my dad or mom would pick me up and take me to Volunteer Park Cafe, a […]

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Student Style Staples

High school is madness. I always feel like I have zero time. This is a problem in the mornings. More often than not I wake up frazzled, with at least a few different assignments and exams occupying my focus. I always end up picking my outfits in a hurry, which usually means by third period […]

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In My Backpack

What is in my school backpack

I am a person who has always enjoyed school. Every morning I wake up excited to see my peers, attend my favorite classes (usually English and History), and just sit back and learn. However, as I’ve climbed the grade ladder, school has become more of a whirlwind, and life in high school has been busier […]

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